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  EL Diablo Advance Quickinfo
Item Nr.: 12726
WEEE Nr.: DE88670488
Marke: EAR888-62976468
Dimensions: 585 x 250 x 625
Weight: 12,08
Number of Fan: 4
Bord Type: g + ATX, MP Dual CPU
Case Size: SuperTower
Number of mountable drives: 12
  New special and optimised cooling system with four enormous blue illuminated fans:
330 mm fan in side panel, 250 mm fan in front panel and 2 x 180 mm fans on top

E High quality front panel with integrated blue illuminated Aplus-logo and 250 mm fan with separate adjustment respectively ON/ OFF switches for both fans and a blue temperature display
E Variable adjustable 330 mm fan in side panel to cool down all components perfectly and 2 adjustable 180 mm fans on top
E Up to 12 disk drives can be mounted inside the case
E Easy drive mounting with screw less rails
E Easy installation of the PCI cards with clip system
E In accordance with RoHS