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Our Products
  Our history - the strength is in the quality

About MaxPoint Handelsgesellschaft mbH

MaxPoint is a leading and international operating producer and importer of innovative IT-peripherals with its headquarters in Ahrensburg near Hamburg (Germany). Established in 1993 the company repeatedly has attracted attention due to groundbreaking new product developments and awards. Further milestones in Maxpoint's global activity are the foundations of branch offices as follows:

1998 Raidsonic Technology GmbH, Germany
2004 NanoPoint SARL, France
2004 NanoPoint Co. Ltd, United Kingdom
2004 NanoPoint Technology Inc., Taiwan
2008 Branch offices in China and Poland

At present, the MaxPoint Group consists of several divisions concentrating independently from each other on their particular clientele, but offering a well-adapted overall portfolio.

With the emphasis on Power Supplies MaxPoint sells the following brands:
Tagan - Full range PS for gamers and enthusiasts
Seasonic - High-end PS, highly efficient, reliable and silent
SilverPower - Full range and nice priced series
MaxPoint, therefore, always satisfies specific clientele thus offering a well-adapted overall portfolio in the PS market.

Further strong products: Cases and input devices
Aplus - High-end PC cases for gamers, stylish living persons and office
RackMax - 19กจ IPC Cases and backplanes
KeySonic - Keyboards and mice of high quality and outstanding design

MaxPoint Group has turned the single divisions into well-known suppliers, leading in their corresponding industries.