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Our Products
Multimedia Compact Keyboard in flat Notebook Design

MaxPoint, May 2009: Already during its first presentation at CeBIT 2009 the new KeySonic keyboard attracted attention of many visitors. An eye-catcher is the trendy-mirrored LED panel on the upper right corner to display the Caps, Num and Scroll Lock and a blue illuminated KeySonic logo.

The chic black KSK-6000 U has an extremely flat keypad, well-known from notebooks. Nevertheless, it offers the silent but noticeable keystroke of the high-quality X-Type membrane technology. The key area is kept very large, as it is the norm in industrial sector. This additionally makes typing easier. The new input device is with its especially low height of only 18 mm well suited for usage in cramped and in living areas.

Twelve multifunctional keys - among other things, for standby, volume regulation, starting the Windows Media Player as well as calling a calculator - ensure high efficiency and also allow the control of home entertainment systems. Tilt feet on the back for adjustment of the tilt angle ensure an ergonomic way of working. Despite the compact dimensions (WxDxH: 367x116 x18 mm) a standard number pad is integrated. The installation of the keyboard by "Plug & Play" without special drivers is very easy and time-saving. The connection of the input device to a Windows 2000 / XP / Vista compatible PC is made via a
2 m long cable with USB interface.

The KSK-6000 U is delivered in an attractive retail packaging in red KeySonic design. They are marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsgesellschaft mbH and are available in specialised shops for the recommended retail price of 19.90 (incl. VAT) starting from June.

Successful mini keyboards now wireless with enhanced Smart-Touchpad

Ahrensburg, April 2009:

The product line of KeySonic mini keyboards with touchpad is completed now by further models. ACK-340 RF+ and ACK-540 RF+ are the names of versions in super-mini and mini format, which establish their connection to the PC with a reliable 2.4 GHz radio transmission. A new, bi-directional radio frequency technology provides an optimal radio connection. Thereby a simplified connecting process via one-way-synchronisation only from the keyboard is possible. To synchronise the keyboard with the RF-receiver only the button on the bottom of the keyboard needs to be pushed.

Both models have been equipped as the first KeySonic keyboards with an optimised Smart-Touchpad. With two fingers the screen can be scrolled up and down similar to a mouse wheel, while a pop-up menu as known from the right mouse button appears after touching with three fingers. In future also the Bluetooth- and USB-versions of the 340 and 540 series will be fit with this touchpad. The keyboards find their optimal application in home entertainment as well as in training, conference and presentation rooms etc.

Externally, the keyboards convince with a modern design in noble, matt black SoftSkin coating. The full functionality of keyboards with full-size layout is achieved by an integrated numeric keypad and 12 function keys. The key stroke is silent, but noticeable thanks to the proven, high-quality membrane technology. Skid-proof tilt feet for adjustment of the tilt angle and a palm rest guarantee an ergonomic operation. Status messages such as Reconnect, Transmitting and Low Battery are signalised with blue LEDs in an attractive Light-Stripe-Design. The On/Off-switch increases the operation time of the batteries. The installation of the keyboard is incredibly simple: The USB receiver is to put into the PC and is recognised automatically, no special driver is necessary.

Both input devices are delivered in an attractive retail packaging in typically red KeySonic design. They are marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsgesellschaft mbH. The ACK-340 RF+ is offered in specialised shops for a recommended retail price of 49.00 ; the ACK-540 RF+ for 59.00 (incl. VAT). Various country layouts are available on request.

Mini-ITX-cases in wrinkle design

Ahrensburg, February 2009: While the product innovations of the previous year were mainly addressed to the clientele of gamers, Aplus presents starting from now a series of Mini-ITX cases, which will rather find their place in modern living rooms. The PC cases of Cupid series have got an easy-care, extremely scratch-proof black surface with a wrinkle texture. An adequate cooling is achieved by perforated side panels. The high-quality fronts in aluminium and acrylic fit optically perfectly to modern home entertainment systems and are accentuated by an on/off switch with crystal-blue LED indicator.

The models Cupid1 (185 x 255 x 70 mm) and Cupid2 (300 x 290 x 65 mm) are equipped with an external 60 W power supply adapter and a DC to DC power board inside. Optionally you can also buy these cases with 90 W. Cupid3 (220 x 323 x 129 mm) operates with a Micro ATX 200 W (from April 250 W) power supply. All three models support mainstream Mini-ITX motherboards.

Behind the front doors of the mini cases two USB ports for 2.0, an audio and a microphone jack and a 56-in-1 card reader are hidden. Cupid1&2 provide external Slim 5,25 drive bays, while a full 5,25 drive can be installed in the Cupid3. Inside is space for 2,5 hard disks in Cupid1 and 3,5 in Cupid2&3, so there are enough possibilities for the installation of hard drives and expansions.

The Cupid series is marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsges. mbH and is available from March in specialised shops. The recommended retail prices are 79 (Cupid1), 85 (Cupid2) respectively 69 (Cupid3) including VAT.



The black-blue devil returns strengthened back!

MaxPoint, October 2008: The long wait is coming to an end - under its own brand of A+ the company MaxPoint presents the devilish beautiful follow-up model of the very successful "EL Diablo" PC case, which is much sought-after in gamer circles. The new "EL Diablo Advance" outwardly confidents, like its predecessor, by Titanium inlays in a black chassis, accentuated by separately controllable and backlit with blue LED fans. Therewith a great atmosphere can be staged in darkened rooms. The top cover of the super tower is completely redesigned: borne by blue lateral LED strips it includes two additional fans, gleaming also in cool blue. In the front bevelled edge a temperature indication with blue acrylic display is integrated; directly behind it are additional ports and controls.

Following the new hardware trend the ventilation system and the hard drive bays have been further optimised to achieve an even more efficient cooling. Besides the gigantic 330 mm fan in side panel, hiding behind a mesh window, and a 250 mm fan embedded in front, two 180 mm fans on top provide a still better air circulation. Especially the upper part of the case, where the heat usually collects, will be better ventilated. Thus, the upper 5.25" bays, the power supply and the CPU area are cooled more intensive. So that the cooling system of the EL Diablo Advance has gone a step closer to the ideal of a water cooling, without need to accept their many disadvantages (expensive components, difficult installation, maintenance and care, fiddling with the chemistry and potential water damage). Through the built-in fan control all fan areas can be adjusted separately and customised to the individual needs and temperatures.

Additionally two USB 2.0 ports, two audio ports and one eSATA port are integrated in top cover for faster and easier access to the different interfaces. The case also has special, screwless installable hard disk trays, which protect the disks effectively and minimise noise and vibrations. The case offers space for up to 12 hard drives and 7 PCI cards, which are very easy to install, and can accommodate Standard ATX, Micro ATX and MP dual record motherboards.

The EL Diablo Advance PC case will be available from end of October in specialised shops for a recommended retail price of 145, - Euro.

Bluetooth USB adapter to complete the Bluetooth keyboards

Ahrensburg, 8th of October 2008: Since March of this year four Bluetooth keyboards belong to the KeySonic product range. Due to popular customer request, these keyboards will be delivered with an additional Bluetooth USB adapter starting from now without extra charge, so that they can communicate now also with not Bluetooth-enabled computers. The adapter KSR-10 BT in super-mini format is available separately and turns your standard PC or notebook into a Bluetooth-enabled device. It allows thereby, in addition to the connection with all KeySonic Bluetooth keyboards, the wireless communication with many handhelds such as PDAs, headsets, mobile or Smartphones, etc. Due to its minimal size in the form of half a 2-cent coin, the adapter can stay permanently e.g. at a notebook and is not hindering when the device is packed.

The radio transmission is made with Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR, Class II. Between the both communicating devices distances up to maximal 20 m can be covered, depending on environmental conditions, and thereby transferred a data volume up to 3 Mbit/s. The KSR-10 BT supports the common Bluetooth transmission profiles for different applications like respectively HID, FTP, FAX, DUN, HSP, LAP, PAN, SPP, etc. For computers with Windows XP and Vista operation systems as well as Mac OS X starting from V10.2 the adapter is only to plug into the USB port and ready for use immediately (Plug & Play), for older versions like e.g. Windows 98SE/2000/ME the installation of the including driver CD is necessary.

The KSR-10 BT will be offered for separate sale at a recommended retail price of 9.90 in an attractive Blister-packaging in new KeySonic design. At the end of the year, all KeySonic Bluetooth keyboards will include the adapter in their scope of delivery and will be shipped together in the keyboard packaging. The adapter will be marked exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsgesellschaft mbH.


KeySonic innovations now also for Mac users

Ahrensburg, September 2008: Until now KeySonic keyboards were reserved only for PC users due to their compatibility with Windows operating systems. From now several models will be usable also for Mac users, attaching importance to simple, reliable and sophisticated handling of their computer. The first available keyboard of this line is the wireless mini keyboard ACK-540 MAC RF, which presents in familiar plain Mac design V fitting to the other Mac equipment.
Like all KeySonic keyboards of the Freestyle family the ACK-540 MAC RF allows a location-independent radio operation without annoying cable binding. A distance up to maximal 10 m away from the PC is possible by a far-ranging and reliable radio-frequency transmission at 2.4 GHz. With its noble outfit and the proved Radio technology this keyboard is especially designed for use in Digital Living Rooms (HTPC) as well as for training, conference and presentation rooms.
The input device in trendy snow-white has got an integrated 1000 dpi touchpad with scroll page area and 2 mouse function keys; an advantage, which has no Mac keyboard until now. With the built-in numeric keypad it offers the full functionality of a keyboard in full-size layout. Despite its very flat design, it is very convenient in operation because of their built-in hand cushion.
An ergonomic and non-fatiguing operation is granted by tilt feet, which can adjust the tilt angle of the keyboard individually. High-quality X-Type membrane technology provides an extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback with a pleasant pressure point. Of course it is possible to install the keyboard via Plug & Play, so no special drivers are required and the user can start immediately.
The ACK-540 MAC RF is delivered in an attractive retail packaging in Mac-typical unobtrusive design. It is marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsges. mbH and is available from end of October for recommended 69,00 in specialised shops.

Small and practical - a keyboard with substance

MaxPoint, 8th September 2008: In addition to the already well-known black version now two further models of the mini keyboard ACK-595 C+ are offered.The KeySonic keyboards in popular snow-white or in timeless beige, fit particularly well, for example, in a medical environment. With their bright, friendly appearance, they are suitable also for use with 19 "IPC, POS, reception desks and service applications; but surely they can find a favourite place even in some living rooms. Due to the particularly flat design with small dimensions of only 291 x 29 x 154 mm they also allow an application at places with little space. As members of the Classic-Style family they convince by first-class quality and high functionality in connection with an excellent price / performance ratio.
The ACK-595 C+ has 89 keys in a normal size, so that it is usable also for professional typists.Because of the 12 functional keys and a virtual numeric keypad it has, despite its compact design, the full functionality of a keyboard in full-size layout. The high-quality Soft-Touch membrane technology ensures an extremely silent, but significant keystroke and gives a pleasant feeling while typing. Blue status LEDs for Caps, Num and Scroll Lock in the new light-stripe design emphasise the modern look. A combo port offers high flexibility when connecting to a PC, both USB and PS/2 ports can be operated. Beyond, the installation of the ACK-595 C+ by Plug & Play is very easy and requires no special driver.
The ACK-595 C+ is delivered in an attractive retail packaging in new KeySonic design. Various country layouts are available by request. The input device is marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsges. mbH and is available from September for recommended 29,90 in specialised shops.

Premium class aluminium keyboard made out of brushed aluminium

MaxPoint, August 2008: KeySonic starts the new Intuition-series and extended its assortment especially for high-end users with the ACK-5600 ALU+, a full-sized keyboard in XL-format. The Intuition-XL - made out of brushed full aluminium - is characterised by an excellent workmanship and exclusive design. High-quality X-type membrane technology, which makes the keystroke extremely silent and pleasant, and the simple plug & play installation belong to the basic equipment of the input device.
A built-in Stereo Digital Sound Chip allows well-sounding audio applications even without a sound card in the PC. 3 multifunctional keys support this application and also enable the volume control of home entertainment systems. In addition, a further ACPI button shuts down the device immediately to standby mode. An integrated USB 2.0 hub offers two ports for external high-speed data terminals. If an USB device needs more than 500 mA, it is possible to connect an optional external power supply. The comfortable palm rest ensures a non-fatigue typing and can be equipped optionally with the included leather coating for a pleasant feel. The Intuition-XL is perfect for all home and office applications with high-end requirements.
The Intuition-XL is marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsges. mbH and is available from September for recommended 69,- in specialised shops. The attractive retail packaging in new design of KeySonic Innovations-Line ensures an appealing presentation in sales rooms.



Tagan SuperRock: Superior in quality, efficiency and reliability

MaxPoint, 26th of September 2008: Just in time for the Leipzig Games Convention 2008 Tagan presented the new SuperRock power supply series (U33II) a brand new & completely revised product. The successor of the many award-winning 2-Force II series was designed considering the latest technical expertises and analysis of customer needs and is manufactured in a new, highly modern production facility. Therefore Tagan has now also a standard power supply series in full range from 400 W to 1200 W in its assortment, in addition to the successful modular PipeRock series and the redundant models.

All Tagan power supplies have a universal input range from 115 to 230VAC and can be used globally with different voltages without switching. The named performance of the power supplies is their permanent output, it can be delivered continuously. Moreover, large parts of the power are concentrated in the major +12V rail so that the graphics cards and other components can be powered optimally and operate stably. This is also supported by a 3% regulation on the +12 V rail (normally 5%), so that the voltages are even more stable across the complete output range. Now the electronics works with synchronous rectifiers (ZVS), which reduce the heat and further increase the efficiency.

During the recent years Tagan has more and more focused on optimisation of quality. Concerning this matter enormously improved components of the power supplies ensure stability and reliability, resulting in a longer life expectancy. For example, the power supplies have built-in Japanese brand capacitors, which are reliable also at higher temperatures up to 105X C. Therewith a greater customer satisfaction is aspired and also a contribution is made to our environment.

The fan and heat sink as well as the fan control were modified, so that the new Tagan power supplies work now even more silent and efficiently. The electronics and the new PCB design provide an excellent efficiency. Thereby less heat is emitted, so the fan can run slower and more silent. This allows turning more energy into output power, which saves costs and benfits the environment.

The new Tagan SuperRock power supplies have got novel, very silent 120 mm fans, which has additional supported hydro-dynamically starting from 680 W (similar like HDDs). Many long heatsinks vent the heat from the components more effectively. All power supplies of that series have the important cables with 8-pin and 6+2-pin plugs to connect all kinds of graphics cards available on the market.

Tagan power supplies have a warranty of 3 years and a free service: In Germany, the free of charge Tagan hotline offers help for problems under the direct dial 0800-8242648.

There will be the following SuperRock models available in specialised shops: 400 W, 500 W, 600 W, 680 W, 780 W, 880 W, 1000 W and 1200 W. The recommended retail prices are between 69 for the 400 W model and 249 for the 1200 W power package.



Gorilla-Marketing with SilverPower at Games Convention

MaxPoint, August 2008: Maxpoint, known as manufacturer of Tagan power supplies, Aplus cases and KeySonic keyboards, is presenting a new power supply series before Games Convention in Leipzig.
Very silent power supplies with a very good price performance-ratio are offered under the brand SilverPower. The 400 Watt (SP-SS400) and 500 Watt (SP-SS500) version of the SilverPower power supplies will be available in September. Very silent operation with extremely quiet 120 mm fan, more than 80% efficiency, long life cycle using high-end components and real wattage (constant load) are some of the features of this new SilverPower series. A 6-pin graphic card connector plus a 6/8-pin connector will fully support the up-to-date graphic cards on the market and will also make ambitious gamers with high requirements very happy. High efficiency decreases heat dissipation, so the fan can run slower and more quietly, which is also supported by an ingenious fan control. Additionally it reduces the consumption of electricity, so you have less cost and protect the environment. A small sample calculation will show the difference: If a computer uses only 300 Watt (without power supply) and has an efficiency of 80%, the computer uses total 375 Watt (300 Watt / 0.8) and with 70 % efficiency already 429 Watt. So in this example you can save about 54 Watt, or you can save the energy of 5 x 11 Watt energy saving bulbs.
SilverPower is already selling very well for many years to professional system integrators, but without any marketing. Now MaxPoint is going to the consumer market as well and will also invest in marketing activities.



Brushed aluminium for highest demands

MaxPoint, August 2008: In addition to the for more than one year successfully sold BlackPearl WCR case, which already was honoured with some awards, now also a nice-price MIDI tower version is available under the name BlackPearl II. The light-weight full aluminium case is perfect for gamers as well as for home and office users with highest design requests.
The black, stable high-end aluminium case has in the front beside a blue illuminated A+ logo an acrylic display with red indication, showing the temperature and fan speed. Additionally there are two buttons in the front panel, which can regulate the fan speed, and lit ON/ OFF and reset switches.
Up to 4 cooled, rubber supported hard discs with much space between, and 4 x 5,25 hard drives fit in this case. Two 120 mm fans are already integrated for a good airflow from front to backside. An 105 x 105 mm sized metal mesh cover is located on the top side to release the heat over the built-in power supply or for integration of an optional 120 mm fan. There is also a flip in the front part, behind which hide ports for 2 x Audio, 2 x USB and Firewire (IEEE 1394).
Micro ATX and Standard ATX main boards can be installed behind the side panel with a window in metal mesh design. At the rear 7 PCI extension card slots offer space for different needs of the users. The case is completed by an accessory package including piezo speaker, several screws, distance holders and an extension cord for the fan.
The BlackPearl II is marketed exclusively by MaxPoint Handelsges. mbH and is now available in specialised shops for recommended 159.



The brandnew TGI-1700R reundant powersupply by Tagan is coming!

Here some features in preview:
E Universal Input, active PFC
E Backward Compatibility, -5V available
E Automatic Thermal Control(Fan Speed)
E Hot-Swap / Hot-Plug Application
E Industrial DIN-Connector for Reliability
E Remote Sense on +5V, +3.3V & +12V
E Power Failure Alarm & Signals
E Power Status LED on Module
E OVP (Over Voltage Protection)/module
E UVP (Under Voltage Protection)
E OCP (Over Current Protection)/module
E External OCP (Over Current Protection)
E SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
E MTBF > 100,000 Hours
E 3 Years Warranty