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  IB-AC607 Quickinfo

Silicone Protector for 3.5" HDDs

ĦE Protects SATA and IDE HDDs against shock and vibration
ĦE Made of durable soft silicon rubber
ĦE Stackable, thus space-saving
ĦE Openings for heat dissipation
ĦE Cut-out for HDD interface
ĦE Transparent

Name IB-AC607
Artikel Nr. (De) 70607
Packing unit: 240 pcs./carton
Total weight: 25 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing): 0.097 kg
Net weight: 0.084 kg
Dimension/carton: 700x50 x500 mm
Dimension of packing box: 300x160x25 mm
Dimension of article: 160x117x33 mm
Country of origin: China
Import tax: 42021250
  Datasheet (PDF)