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  IB-330StU3-B Quickinfo


External aluminium enclosure for 3.5"
SATA HDDs with USB 3.0 interface

ĦE External enclosure for 1x 3.5" SATA HDDs
ĦE Premium aluminium enclosure
ĦE HDD capacity: unlimited
ĦE External data interface: USB 3.0
ĦE Transfer rates: USB 3.0 up to 5 Gbit/s

Storage of a Better Kind

At first sight it appears like understatement. A closer look discloses profound qualities. Heat dissipating aluminium enclosure, patented HDD tray with silicon buffers to protect the HDD (3.5" SATA). Inserion and exchange of the HDD without screws and tools, the tray is compatible with ICY BOX NAS IB-NAS6210 and 6220. Front panel lockable. USB 3.0 interface for fastest data transfer.

Name IB-330StU3-B
Artikel Nr. (De) 21330
Packing unit: 10 pcs./carton
Total weight: 13.7 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing): 1.3 kg
Net weight: 0.74 kg
Dimension/carton: 513x476x290 mm
Dimension of packing box: 265x228x98 mm
Dimension of article: 40x130x215 mm
Country of origin: China
Import tax: 84733080
  Datasheet (PDF)