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  KSK-6001 UELX Quickinfo
  The perfect compact keyboard for both, home and office users, including for gamers. Due to the special high-quality key stroke with noticeable pressure point and the very comfortable and quiet typing feeling the keyboard can be used fatigue-proof for a long time. It is ideal for gamers by 20 anti-ghosting keys, which can speed up the complex game actions. In addition, all buttons are really extensively programmable; individual keys or complicated sequences (macros) can be programmed to perform multiple actions / commands with a single key stroke. These functions can be saved in various profiles and levels for quick access to a customised and optimised key assignement for every application and every game. The KSK-6001 UELX is equipped with a switchable blue backlight.

E Compact gaming keyboard in trendy design with blue backlight (can be switched off)
E Reliable LED technology for an effective illumination of the lettering
E 20 keys with Anti-Ghosting function for simultaneous actions - they allow
to hold down more than 4 keys and add some realism to the game
E Extremely silent and soft stroke due to high-quality Soft-Touch
membrane technology
E Tilt feet on back side to adjust the tilt angle for an ergonomic positioning
E Appealing blue LED indicators for Caps-, Num and Scroll-Lock
E Plug & Play installation; no driver necessary
for normal usage
E Every key can be freely programmed through a driver, whether with another key function or with a complex key sequence, also with integrated delay. The keys can be assigned with a special function, for example refresh a page on Internet Browser.
E Available in various country layouts
E Appealing retail packaging
E Ideal for gamers, LAN parties, DJs, presentation
rooms as well as all poorly lit places

Name KSK-6001 UELX
Artikel Nr. (De) 12910
Brand: KeySonic
Marke (EAR registration): EAR888-62976468
Dimension: 393 x 158 x 24 mm
  Datasheet (PDF)

Driver installation guide EN