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  ACK-3400 U Quickinfo
  Super mini keyboard in shirt-pocket format V dimensions only 217 x 14 x 103 mm

E Modern design in noble, matt black SoftSkin coating
E Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard
E Extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback due to high-quality X-Type membrane technology
E Appealing blue status LEDs for Caps, Num and Scroll Lock
E Available in various country layouts
E Appealing retail packaging
E Plug & Play installation without any special driver
E Ideal use: Pocket PC, car media, children, mobile service (for instance, for temporary configuration tasks)

Name ACK-3400 U
Artikel Nr. (De) 12241
Marke EAR888-62976468
Dimensions 218 21 150 mm
Weight 220 g
Connection to the PC USB
Size SuperMini
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