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  ACK-340 RF+ Quickinfo
  Wireless super mini keyboard with an improved Smart-Touchpad V Dimensions only 218 21 150 mm

E Reliable radio-frequency transmission at 2.4 GHz with far range up to approx. 10 m away from the PC
E New Radio Frequency technology to simplify the connecting process via one way synchronisation. To synchronise the keyboard with the RF-receiver only the button on the bottom of the keyboard needs to be pushed
E Novel Smart-Touchpad with extended finger functions:
2 finger = page-up/-down scrolling like mouse wheel
3 finger = menu pop-up like right mouse button
E Modern design in noble, matt black SoftSkin coating
E Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard
E Extremely silent stroke and tactile feedback due to high-quality X-Type membrane technology
E Appealing blue status LEDs for pairing, transmitting and low battery with new light-stripe design
E Power on/off switch to save battery
E Soft-Bag to protect the keyboard during transport
E Plug & Play installation, no special driver necessary
E Optimal for use in Digital Living Rooms (HTPC) as well as in training, conference & presentation rooms etc.

Name ACK-340 RF+
Artikel Nr. (De) 12872
Marke EAR888-62976468
Dimensions 218 21 150 mm
Weight 0,280 kg
Connection to the PC Raidio
Size SuperMini
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