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  KSK-3202 BT Quickinfo
  Extremely flat, wireless super-mini keyboard with built-in trackball

E Far-ranging and reliable Bluetooth transmission up to approx. 10 m
E Integrated touchpad with two mouse buttons, the input direction can be rotated in 90X
E Modern design with flat keys
E 8 multimedia hotkeys for Backlight, Print Screen, Mute,Volume -/+, Last Track, Play/ Pause & Forward
E Status LEDs for Transmitting, Charge Battery, Low Battery & Pairing and Caps Lock
E Plug & Play installation, no special driver necessary
E Including Bluetooth adapter in practical compartment
E Optimal for controling home entertainment units (HTPC), for mobile usage with smart phones, for gaming with Sony Playstation3, Navi configurations as well as for training, conference & presentation facilities
*PC / end devices have to support standard keyboard drivers with corresponding country code faultlessly!

Frontal view of German layout
Included USB Bluetooth adapter
Top right view with open compartment for the Bluetooth adapter
Laser pointer
Accessory: keyboard, USB Bluetooth adapter, driver CD for mobile applications, USB charging cable with USB extension connector
Keyboard with backlight
Name KSK-3202 BT
Artikel Nr. (De) 13288
Brand KeySonic
Mark (EAR registration number) EAR888-62976468
Dimension 151 x 59 x 12.5 mm
Weight 104 g
Connection to the PC Bluetooth transmission
Special features 8 Multimedia hotkeys, 90X rotateble touchpad, Laser pointer
Size Super Mini
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