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  KSR-10 BT Quickinfo
  Bluetooth USB adapter in super-mini format - is included in all boxes of KeySonic Bluetooth keyboards

ĦE Turns your standard PC or notebook into a Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing thereby the wireless communication with many handhelds such as PDAs, headsets, mobile or smartphones, etc.
ĦE Radio transmission via Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR, Class II: up to 20 m, max. 3 Mbit/s
ĦE Supports the most common Bluetooth transmission profiles for different applications like respectively HID, FTP, FAX, DUN, HSP, LAP, PAN, SPP, etc.
ĦE Plug & Play for computer systems with Mac OS X at V10.2 and higher, Windows XP (starting from SP2) and Vista operation systems (for Windows 98SE/2000/ME the installation of the included driver CD is necessary)
ĦE Appealing retail packaging (blister)

Name KSR-10 BT
Artikel Nr. (De) 12778
Marke EAR888-62976468
Dimensions 22,4 x 18,2 x 7,8 mm
Weight 0,002 kg
Connection to the PC USB
  datasheet for english version