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  RW-435G Quickinfo
Item Nr. (De): 12218
WEEE Nr.: DE88670488
Marke: EAR888-62976468
Dimensions: 426,5 177 541
Weight: 13,66
Number of Fans: 2
Bord Type:
1HE -> 7HE: 4HE
Number of mountable drives: 8
E Valuable rack case with aluminium front
E Very rugged, therefore ideal for industrial applications (control computers on production lines, for instance)
E Dustproof due to big washable air fi lter right behind the front panel
E 2 92 mm fans (additionally 1 60 mm rear fan available as an option) for ideal system cooling
E Lockable front door provides additional security
E Supports all PS/2 and mini-redundant power supplies
E On/Off and reset switch
E PCI card retainer in two different lengths for improved safety