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  CS-Blockbuster BAW Quickinfo
Item Nr.: 12231
WEEE Nr.: DE 88670498
Marke: EAR888-62976478
Dimensions: 285 x 385 x 235
Weight: 2,66
Number of Fan: 1
Bord Type: Micro ATX
Case Size: HTPC
Number of mountable drives: 5
  E Valuable full aluminium-case
E Useful flip-out handle in front for easier transport
E Removable main board carrier for easy installation
E Removable hard disk cage
E Three transparent windows for a perfect look inside
E Blue illuminated temperature display
E All in all 5 drive bays
E Integrated 120 mm fan on the back side, optional 80 mm in front
E For Micro ATX main boards (4 PCI slots)
E XL length: Standard PS/2 power supplies as Tagan or Seasonic fit inside
E 2x USB 2.0, 2x audio and a IEEE 1394 Firewire connectors in front
E RoHS conform and EAR registered V thus excellent suitable for system builders!

The new Blockbuster BAW full-aluminium case, which is a light weight with only 2.60 kg, has a flip-out handle at the front side for easy and comfortable carrying. The removable main board carrier and hard disk cage help to install sensitive components very easily and safely. In front there is a blue illuminated temperature display showing the temperature of an internal temperature sensor. Up to 5 disk drives can be installed in the Blockbuster BAW ?PC case. The 120 mm back side fan can also be assisted by an optional 80 mm fan in the front side. Also for better silent cooling there are some bigger honey comb holes on the back side. This case is made for ?-ATX main boards supporting 4 PCI-slots and standard PS/2 size power supplies tested with the high performance Tagan and silent long life Seasonic power supplies. 2x USB, 2x audio and 1x IEEE 1394 Firewire port are easy accessible in the front. 3 big windows on both sides and on top demonstrate the inner life of your PC case.