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  CS-Black Pearl WCR Quickinfo
Item Nr.: 12430
WEEE Nr.: DE 88670490
Marke: EAR888-62976470
Dimensions: 210 x 590 x 600
Weight: 10,38
Number of Fan: 2
Bord Type: ATX,Extended ATX
Case Size: SuperTower
Number of mountable drives: 15
  ĦEHigh-End Aluminium Designer Case
ĦE Beautiful designed metal fence side window
ĦE Water cooling ready case
ĦE Blue illuminated Aplus logo, blue LEDs and backlit power and reset button
ĦE Adjustable 4-channel fan controller with fan speed and temperature display
ĦE All in all 15 drive bays for a lot of different configurations can be installed
ĦE 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x Audio and 1 Firewire connectors are on top
ĦE 2 x 120 mm fan/ radiator holes and 2 x water tube holes on top
ĦE Up to 8 x anti-vibration rubber mounted hard disks cooled by the 120 mm fan fit inside
ĦE The 7 external bays are all 5.25Ħ§ bays supporting a lot of combinations
ĦE All 5.25Ħ§ drive bays have a one side easy snap mechanism, but can also additionally be fixed by screws
ĦE Two movable hard disk cages can assimilate 8 hard disks
ĦE Two 120 mm fans, one in the front an one in the back, are integrated
ĦE Air vents on the bottom for perfect ventilation
ĦE RoHS compliant The Black Pearl is a perfect case for all high-end gamers, also for servers and state of the art design offices. The durable high-end black aluminium case has an acrylic front display showing temperature and adjustable fan speed. Up to 8 rubber supported and cooled hidden hard disks fit inside with enough space in between. The upside down main board provides better cooling of cards, because the components stand upright. Separated power supply and hard disk area on the bottom ensure better cooling of the whole system and lower noise. Two 120 mm fans for a perfect front to backside cooling are also integrated, including a CPU air vent in the back. Removable hard disk cages, screw less disk device system and a special mechanism for opening the side door allow easy installation.