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  IB-115StUS2HC Quickinfo

Loading terminal for HDDs, USB sticks and memory cards Plugged to the computer with eSATA or USB, the ICY BOX IB-115 connects 3.5'' HDDs as well as 2.5'' HDDs, memory sticks as well as memory cards. A one size fits all solution.

ĦE Dockingstation for 2.5'' and 3.5'' SATA HDDs
ĦE Premium hard synthetic material
ĦE Support 2.5'' and 3.5'' SATA HDDs
ĦE USB 2.0 and eSATA combo interface
ĦE 2port USB 2.0 hub
ĦE Multi cardreader (SD/MMC/MS)

Name IB-110StU3-B
Artikel Nr. (De) 20800
Packing unit: 10 pcs./carton
Total weight: 10 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing): 1 kg
Net weight: 0.9 kg
Dimension/carton: 475x180x375 mm
Dimension of packing box: 160x90x170 mm
Dimension of article: 138x100x66.5 mm
Country of origin: China
Import tax: 84733080
  Datasheet (PDF)