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  IB-NAS6220 Quickinfo

2x 3.5" HDD Network Mediaserver

E Share your media content with
friends and family around the world
E Simultaneously, lossless video- and
music streaming by multiple users
E Play back your media content with
DLNA devices like media player,
XBox360, Sony PS3 and network
compatible TVs
E WEB based user interface
E Powerful Marvel Chip
Solution 6281 with 1,2 GHz

Share the Joy V Maintain Safety. Anywhere.

The new ICY BOX IB-NAS6220 combines what commonly exists in separation: store your own data; enjoy your own data like movies and music wherever the Internet is available; confer rights to use while maintaining the control.

The NAS6220 has space for two 3.5" SATA HDDs with up to 2 TB. All data can be made available to the home network and are thus accessible through the Samba server. Also the printer server can be shared. For the installation you dont need special IT skills. If you can use a computer you are also fine with the NAS6220.

Do you want to enjoy your movies and music even when you are not at home? In the past you had to copy the data and to carry them with you or you had to place them onto an Internet platform. The former was inconvenient, the latter was unsafe. With NAS6220 you enjoy on an own website music or movies you have stored safely at home.

When you want to share your music and movie enjoyment you can confer individual rights. Thus your data will remain safely behind your firewall.

Referring to "safety": With RAID 1 you can secure your data by mirroring ("makes assurance double sure"). With RAID 0 or BIG you can use even the last byte of the memory. Anyway, you can utilize the One-Touch-Backup. Thats as much safety as you will not find on any social web platform.

With the new ICY BOX IB-NAS6220 you can share the joys of music and movies without hesitation

Name IB-NAS6220
Artikel Nr. (De) 43102
Packing unit: x
Total weight: x
Gross weight (incl. packing): x
Net weight: x
Dimension/carton: x
Dimension of packing box: x
Dimension of article: x
Country of origin: China
Import tax: 84733080
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