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  RM-4690 Quickinfo
Item Nr. (De): 12730
WEEE Nr.: DE88670488
Marke: EAR888-62976468
Dimensions: 690 x 426,5 x 117
Weight: 21
Number of Fans: 3
Bord Type: RackMax
1HE -> 7HE: 4
Number of mountable drives: 24
ĦE High-quality rackmount with aluminium front doors
ĦE Flexible and userfriendly modular system
ĦE Easily exchangeable fanholders
ĦE Washable and easily exchangeable filter system
ĦE Removeable cage for 3 x 3 2/1" HDD with antivibration and fi lter system
ĦE Suitable for £gATX, ATX and EATX